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Bc black bear hunts, spring black bear hunting with driftwood. Our camp is situated on the bowron river approximately 50 miles east of prince george, in the central part of british columbia. If huge black bears are on your bucket list then total outdoor adventures ltd has the hunt for you. These bears are hunted either in spring or fall because of the diversity of terrain in this territory. Prices guided hunting trips in bc sawtooth outfitters. Enjoy your visit to our website, then call or email us. Our hunters routinely return from this hunt having seen 20 to 40 different bears in one week. Due to our many salmon streams and lakes, as well as numerous mountain ranges, we have an abundance of bear in our approx. Our spring black bear hunts are spot and stalk fair chase hunts with over 100% success rates for the last 20 years. Black bear guided hunting trips in bc sawtooth outfitters. Our consistent harvest of extra large black bears, as well as, our high density of color phase, has set us apart from the rest.

Bc boasts one of the highest populations of black bears in the world with their numbers being somewhere between 120 and 150 thousand animals. Ryan berard is also one of the first called when conservation officers in southeastern bc need help on hunting down a problem bear or cougar that represents a danger to the local community. Minnesotas black bear range has been slowly expanding southward and westward. This hunt is a 5day, spotandstalk hunting adventure on the wild west coast and mountains of vancouver island. Hunt coastal black bear on vancouver island with one of the islands veteran guide outfitters.

Bear hunting bc canada moose hunt grizzly bear guided hunts. Guided black bear hunting in bc coastal inlet adventures. In addition to being a source of food, in modern times they have been favoured by big game hunters due to their size and ferocity. Bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their meat and fur. We have over 200 lakes and 3 major rivers in this area located just northwest of prince george. Ontario canada bear hunting pickerel lake outfitters. We conduct these hunts over bait in some of the best black bear habitat in canada.

Early season hunts are conducted on the ocean beaches and estuaries, and low elevation mountain slopes. Pickerel lake outfitters offers guests an ontario canada bear hunting trip in an exclusive hunting territory in northwest ontario. The spring season is an excellent time for hunters to get into the woods early in the year and enjoy big game hunting in the beautiful bc backcountry. This black bear hunt is our most popular canada hunting package in alberta. This bear was not the one we were after stay tuned for that but still makes delicious burgers. If you see a bear outside of the animals normal range, report it to the dnr. We offer trophy hunting for moose, grizzly bear, black bear and wolf. This includes bears harvested during the archery season. We also hunt out of an area south west of smithers for mountain goat. In this particular management unit area, we help to manage and sustain one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bear in british columbia. For in season changes to wildlife act regulations visit.

Dec 18, 2017 in august, the provincial government announced a ban on trophy hunting across all of b. The hunting of bears in bc is a very controversial topic. The grizzly bear hunt in bc is heavily regulated, with a focus on population management. Black bear hunts skeena mountian outfitters bc guide.

We offer a great 14 day spring hunt with black bear and wolf included. This bear was not the one we were after stay tuned for. General bear season closes on december 29, 2019, or earlier, if the department determines that 1,700 bears have been reported taken. Bc hunting trips bc hunts moose, goat, bear and more. We are therefore proud to offer hunting with our experienced and very reliable partners covert outfitting, who have two large hunting districts in british columbia. We require 40% deposit at the time of booking with the remainder, including all taxes, licenses and. The moose hunting season is an excellent opportunity for combination hunts for goat, black bear, grizzly and timber wolf.

Bear hunting in bc, guided bear hunts with bc guide. Our spring bear hunters usually see between 20 to 60 bears during a fiveday hunt, the weather being a huge factor. Bc bear hunting, moose and grizzly bear hunts, wolf hunting. We welcome you to come and join us for some of the best moose. Spring black bear hunting starts in mid may and runs until the end of june, when the bears coats are in prime condition. Bc guide outfitters is now one of the top black bear operations in british columbia. Huntbcs british columbia territory is home to a healthy population of trophy black bear. With abundant food and virtually no hunting pressure its easy to see why bc coastal black bears grow to such a large size. Hunting with crossbows in british columbia, canada gone. Fall hunts from september 10 to october 30 focus on the many salmon streams that flow across vancouver island. After passing a bear on his first afternoon of hunting they realize theyd made a. The regulations synopsis is a guide to hunting and trapping in b. Bc guide outfitters is one of the top black bear operations in bc. Browse a selection of black bear hunting trips in british columbia.

Vancouver island spring black bear hunting bc hunting blog. Oct 06, 2018 this is part two of clay newcomb and dan rupps british columbia black bear hunt with pacific bear outfitters. Success on the spring bear hunts is typically 100%. Wildfire service fire bans and restrictions for the most up to date information. The ndp government has amended wildlife act regulations to help enforce the ban on grizzly bear hunting. Right now the number of bears in the province is estimated to be between 120,000 and 160,000, furthermore, biologists place the north coast as one of the highest bear densities in all of b. Aug 15, 2017 british columbia will ban grizzly bear trophy hunting. All of this ensures that the dog team is in top shape, and have honed senses for picking out and pursuing the bears. Unlike some other provinces that outlaw crossbow hunting, b.

Apr 20, 2011 region 3 one of the most pleasant hunting areas in bc hi, to you, southern people, at least south, of, hope. Spring black bear hunting in bc black bear hunting in bc. On our black bear hunts we focus on well organised, high quality, exciting hunting in good hunting districts. Spring black bear hunts are from april 1 to june 15. We pride ourselves in only harvesting two mountain grizzly per year. Pretty much all of bc is considered bear country with bears inhabiting.

More outfitters are catering to both traditional bow hunters and crossbow hunters. Our experienced and hardworking guides, as well as our quality equipment, will assist in an enjoyable hunting experience. Our spring bear hunting season runs from mid april through to mid june. British columbia s bear population is incredibly strong. In canada they occur from coastal british columbia to newfoundland. I ask that you extend the full ban to the rest of the province along with adopting more stringent regulations around trophy parts. Although the area is remote and rough, its proximity to vancouver keeps the operating expenses much lower than most other coastal areas allowing the price to be comparable to an interior black bear hunt. Bear lake outfitters hunting territory is located approx. Our canada bear hunting area b orders manitoba to the west and ontario to the east and also covers another bear hunting area to the south of our main areas. In bc its illegal to hunt bears over bait, and in all honesty, its not necessary.

Region 3 one of the most pleasant hunting areas in bc. In the remaining deer hunting x zones, bear season begins october 12, 2019. Black bear hunting bc guided hunting bc hunts moose. Most of the hunting area consists of the rugged coastal mountains that southern bc is known for. Professional guides, quality food, comfortable and wellequipped camps, first aid kits in all camps, movement via boat, horse andor vehicle around guiding area, field preparation and preservation of capes and trophies. Since our area is located less than 400 miles from coastal british. Bear hunting in bc, guided bear hunts bc guide outfitters. On our fall hunts you may want to add moose, elk, or caribou to this hunt on a trophy fee basis. With an estimated black bear population of more than 100,000 animals provincewide, our hunters have plenty of opportunity to harvest a mature boar. We are a family run business and have been in operation since 1964. In past seasons our hunters have harvested trophy moose, bear, mule deer, and cougars, and we are looking forward to an exceptional upcoming hunting season. Our area has a very healthy grizzly bear population. Some video from our 2018 spring bear hunt in the fraser valley of british columbia. Bc guide outfitters operates its moose and bear hunts within a 900 square mile plateau of prime canadian moose and bc black bear habitat.

Bc guide outfitters big game hunts for bear, moose, wolf. We also have several tags in the lower part of the area for hunters looking for guided moose hunts by vehicle for meat moose. A trailer from our bear hunt this year with covert outfitters. Grizzly bear hunting canada grizzly bear outfitter bc.

Losing up to of their body weight over the winter, these bears can still weigh as much as 400 lbs. Coastal black bear hunt on vancouver island hunt wild. Harvested timber blocks in the low valleys and avalanche shoots provide exceptional black bear habitat and the rugged mountain peaks are ideal goat terrain. The twoway the policy still allows people to hunt the bears for food but blocks all hunting of grizzlies in the great bear rainforest. Wildfire notice stay up to date on regulation changes and vehicleaccess restrictions during wildfire season. While planning your hunting expedition please see b.

This outfitter offers spring and fall hunts from a 4,500 sq mile hunting concession. Please inquire if you are interested in designing your own customized hunting package. One of the top black bear hunting operations in british columbia with a consistent harvest of extra large black bears and a high density of color phase bears. Region 3 is one of the most pleasant hunting areas in b. The american black bear ursus americanus is the most common and widely distributed of the three bears found in canada. All bait containers and materials must be removed, and all excavations refilled, no later than 7 days after the close of spring, fall, or dog training season. Our hunting area encompasses 3,000 square miles with extremely low hunting pressure. The councilman british columbia black bear hunt bear. British columbia will ban grizzly bear trophy hunting. One of the most widely distributed mammals in british columbia, the black bear is found in forestland across the province. Coastal black bear hunting, british columbia covert outfitting. Covert outfitting offers first class spot and stalk coastal black bear hunts at a value not offered by other outfitters. British columbia is well known as a premiere destination for hunting canadian bull moose.

This is an exhilarating spotandstalk hunting experience. Crossbow hunting gains more adherents every year, and british columbia is a strong draw with its big game species such as grizzly bear and moose. Bear hunting california department of fish and wildlife. We offer guided hunts for moose, grizzly bear, black bear, mule deer, elk and wolves. Its natural range includes vancouver island and most coastal islands to the north, including the queen charlottes haida gwaii. Jan 24, 2011 bear hunting on the island is broken down into two seasons, the spring bear season which starts april 1st and goes to june 15th and the fall bear season which goes from sept 10th to dec 10th. Direct offers from outfitters with a best price guarantee. Calling for an end to bear hunting in british columbia pacific wild. British columbia spot and stalk coastal spring bear hunts. There is also a special bow hunting only season which starts on august 25th sept 9th.

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