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The battle for naboo rages to its dramatic conclusion. Naboo theed is now available to play on capital supremacy. Originally known as filefront, gamefront has been serving up the very best mods, maps, skins, tools, and utilities since 1998. The battle of theed was fought over and on the planet naboo was fought between the forces of the alliance to restore the republic and the galactic empire during the galactic civil war in 4 aby, twenty days after the battle of endor. This map features the capital city of naboo where the trade federation took over in 32 bby. Theed hangar by koolaid7g, a map ive featured several times on my channel and one of my alltime favourite maps. Theed is also visited in the battlefront ii campaign, during the mission royalty. Unsubscribe at any time by changing your email preferences. Star wars battlefront ii star wars official ea site. Palace hangar is a small land map set on naboo in dices star wars battlefront ii. It was separated from the citys plasma power plant by a heavy blastproof door, and housed the headquarters of both the royal naboo security forces and the naboo royal space fighter corps, two organizations that served the royal house of naboo. Theed on naboo from star warsfeaturesthis map features city streets of naboo, plasma refinery, hangar, and much much more. Youve already signed up for star wars battlefront ii newsletters with the above email. Theed hangar a koolaid7g production 2007description.

Fixes the issue with no bots in arcade mod manager download. Galactic assault is star wars battlefront iis 20 vs. Fight on ten legendary planets and use a variety of weapons and vehicles, including xwings, snowspeeders and atsts. Theed pick up some tips and tricks and a guided tour of the naboo capital in the latest entry of our exploring series. Exploring the locations of star wars battlefront ii. As you all know, this is based on the hangar where. Steam community guide battlefront ii custom map list. Below the image will be details pertaining to that particular map and the download link, which will take you directly to the storage location. Added the droideka as a playable character in the enforcer class in the prequel era. Theed hangar the battle for naboo rages to its dramatic conclusion. Theed is a map set on naboo and is featured in pandemic studios star wars. Theed map, playing as a clone trooper or separatist droid in a desperate battle for control of the royal palace. Cinder, a posthumous contingency order from emperor palpatine to render his homeworld and countless other. Kasskyyyk battlefront 2 is being remade in the original from lorul1, creator of battles of the storm and the naboo assault on theed remake.

Theed hanger file mod compilation 2016 by flare mod for star wars battlefront ii. As its name suggests, it was located in theed, the capital city of naboo s human inhabitants. Few cities in the mid rim boasted more idyllic appearances than theed. Naboo hanger replaces the default look on the frontend for a more unique experience. Click enable if it is there and then retry star wars battlefront. Browse and download minecraft naboo maps by the planet minecraft community. Theed hangar battlefront 2 maps download mods, maps. Villains and later hero showdown until the elite corps update, which added the map to blast and arcade. Youve successfully signed up to receive emails about star wars battlefront ii and other ea news, products, events and promotions. Theed hangar if theres anyone here whos not seen episode 1. Theed has been conquered without resistance, although the queen is now on the run.

The palaces design was elegant and flowing, blending quite finely with the surrounding environment, and it connected to the theed hangar via a number of passages. The next link shows you how to install a modmap for star wars battlefront 2 for steam. Steam community guide jaspos star wars battlefront. Since 2010, weve also been bringing you the very best in gaming culture, shortform reporting and video content.

One of the many temperate planets in battlefront ii, naboo differentiates itself from takodana or endor in its predominantly urban map of theed. Like star wars battlefront, the game is split into two eras, the clone wars and the galactic civil war. The theed royal palace was the royaltys seat of power on the planet of naboo. Best naboo minecraft maps planet minecraft community.

A comprehensive list of the greatest custom battlefront ii maps. Village nel squeddie squippleeddie new naboo troopers 2. This is the only time it is playable within another era, the galactic civil war. Eng theed hangar from the star wars universe naboo my favourite planet.

It is a large, ground map available in both multiplayer and arcade. Elfie 911 brings us a new variation on an old theme. Complete theed hangar, including the generator room area as seen in phantom menace. Due to issues with other websites, theyve requested we take down the files we backed up when they went offline. The theed hangar was a spacious hangar attached to one side of the royal palace in theed, naboo. The theed hangar, also known as the royal starport, was a large facility located alongside the tripledomed plasma refinery in the city of theed, the capital of the planet naboo. Naboo has been fully subjugated by the trade federation. Assault on theed mod for star wars battlefront ii files to download full releases, installer, sdk, patches, mods, demos, and media. Players have the ability to choose between six classes during gameplay. Depending on the mode, players fight in the city streets, inside the royal palace, or in. Theed hangar gameplay by 0827ant1 originally 0827ant on the pc. Other users assets all the assets in this file belong to the author, or are. With the capital firmly in their control, the trade federation turns its attention to the other settlements of naboo.

Star wars battlefront ii essentials star wars battlefront ii updates. From the sights of the palace and waterfalls over the sweeping landscape to inside the royal palace, this frontend mod will take you to the beautiful city of theed on naboo before you even enter a match. To find out more about the star wars battlefront ii 1. The headquarters of the royal naboo security forces and starfighter corps, the hangar housed the planets n1 starfighter fleet and the monarchs royal starships and airtraffic control facility. Naboo hangar map for arcade if we can have two tatooine maps mos eisley and jabbas palace, wouldnt it be cool to have 2 naboo maps in arcade theed palace and theed hangar. Now you can reenact your favorite scenes from episode one such as the fight with darth maul. Choose your allegiance and pick a soldier from one of four different armies. Join forces with either the trade federation or the naboo royal security forces to control the theed hangar.

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